Development and research of molecular derivatives of Hyaluronic Acid for orthopedic and aesthetic use.

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Hyaluronic acid is one of the fundamental components of humans and other mammals connective tissues. It gives the leather its particular properties of resistance and shape retention.

  • Cutting-edge, reliable and professional products.

    NOVIAS is a point of reference in the field of traumatology and aesthetic medicine, distributing products based on hyaluronic acid of the highest quality.

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  • Ricerca e Sviluppo

    A young and dynamic research team works daily with agility and versatility in a competitive and constantly evolving sector, always maintaining the highest quality standards on the market

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  • Innovation and distribution

    Novias Pharma is partner and distributor for The Wave research and development, an Italian company specialized in the study of active ingredients, in R&D and innovation of medical devices and products for aesthetic medicine


NOVIAS pharma is a company created mainly for the development of hyaluronic acid for orthopedic and aesthetic use. It was born and developed in Italy, and beyond, thanks to the entrepreneurial skills and long experience in the pharmaceutical sector of the founders. Thanks to the collaboration with “The Wave Research & Development”, a leading company in the design and production of specific products of the highest quality, reliability and technology, NOVIAS is a point of reference in the field of traumatology and aesthetic medicine.

Artosyal - Elasticity in your joints

Artosyal® is a substitute for synovial fluid which, thanks to its viscoelastic and lubricating properties, favors the restoration of the rheological conditions of the joints, altered in the case of degenerative or post-traumatic diseases. By improving the characteristics of the synovial fluid, the product has a protective action on the joints and promotes the improvement of joint function and the reduction of painful symptoms.


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